MPB People Add: Classic personnel consulting

people_add-416Searching for and selecting executive personnel is our business, a business resting on trust, discretion and sustainability. In personnel consulting, the specific direct address, the right media mix and professional recruitment tools are the groundwork for the successful and rapid filling of key positions. We know the success factors for the sustained filling of vacancies and know exactly which approach is the right one for which position. This is why we won’t find the best people we know, but the best people there are for your company.

We focus on people in our actions and therefore also in our personnel consulting. We cultivate personal relationships with our clients, candidates and business partners. We are committed to what we say and we are transparent in our communication. MPB People Add stands for sustained personnel recruitment, having set high quality standards. Our aim is to create added value for our clients. We are passionately and with conviction committed to this aim.

Excellence – recruiting through direct address and supported by job advertisements 

The Excellence programme is the ideal solution in the search and selection of executive personnel and specialists – at regional, national and international level, for multinational enterprises, SMBs, administrations and NPOs. The classic search with direct address on mandate basis, backed by advertisements and involving our extensive pool of candidates.

Performance outline of our personnel consulting services

  • Briefing with the client on site and determining the corporate profile, the requirement profile and the corporate culture
  • Working out the job description and the job advertisement
  • Market analysis and identifying potential candidates
  • Direct address of potential candidates including the MPB pool of candidates and of ads in print media and on relevant job platforms
  • Careful testing of all candidates, narrowing down the field of candidates by relying on defined criteria and on personal interviews and potential analyses
  • Generating Management Summaries for the client
  • Organising the interviews with the client and collecting references and testimonials of candidates in the final shortlist
  • Assisting in the smooth integration of the new employee into the enterprise and providing support for them after joining
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